Why do we need x-rays?

X-rays are the best opportunity for us dental professionals to assess the hard tissues in your mouth. They allow us to see if the teeth and bone are normal or abnormal. They are essential for determining if there are carious lesions (“cavities”) between teeth as these areas are often impossible for us to view until the cavities are much larger. As well, x-rays can allow us to see calculus (“tarter”) below the gumlines, cysts, changes in the bone from trauma (fractures) and from necrotic pulps. As well, we will use x-rays to evaluate the position and stage of development of teeth to ensure that everything is developing normally.

Our office is pleased to provide digital x-rays. This means that there is less radiation exposure than with traditional x-rays. As well, there are fewer harmful by-products when using digital radiography so it is better for the environment. As well, x-rays can be e-mailed to other dental colleagues (i.e. specialists) ensuring that they receive a high quality image with no additional waste.

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